January 2011

Brazilian Cream Biscuits


Lulu shares her beloved family recipe for Brazilian Cream Biscuits - traditionally served high tea-style with a collection of "divine treats" but instead of tea, served with local, freshly-harvested coffee. Mmmm!

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles


"Sweet nuggets of peanut butter cookie dough in dark chocolate - made with peanut flour, they are gluten-free and low carb-too." A decadent chocolate treat that doesn't give you a sugar-high (but still gives you a chocolate-high) - sounds AWESOME.

Thin Crust Lemon Squares


Sweet and tart lemon squares make the perfect winter pick-me-up. These ones have a particularly special quality to them - a very thin crust: "The result is a square that has a little tooth at first, and then positively melts away on your tongue."

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Cottage Cheese Crescents


"The cottage cheese gives these crescents an interesting texture and the dry herbs on top make them full of flavor. They go perfect with a bowl of warm soup." What a wonderful hearty winter roll - yum!

Cinnamon Raisin Granola


"This granola is sweetened with apple juice and honey and has a nutty, warm flavor from roasted cashew butter and cinnamon."

There's nothing like fresh homemade granola, so if you haven't ever made your own granola yet, now's the time!

Date and Walnut Squares


"A delicate pastry filled with date paste and a touch of cinnamon... I always adore the Middle Eastern Cuisine especially when it comes to desserts and sweets..."  I do too. And these stellar squares are a great example: spice kissed, sweetened naturally with dates, with a healthy walnut crunch.

Crunchy Chocolate Almond Cookies


"Everyone has a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Some like the cookie gooey some like it crunchy. We like them both ways, but prefer the crunchy ones." Greengirl makes these with the added crunch of almonds - and not surprisingly these cookies are irresistible!

Pita Bread

Pita Bread

Find out how to make your very own soft vessel for sandwiches, falafel and other delicious goodies, as well as tips on how to either get pocket pita bread, or flatter pita bread over at Sweet Pea's Kitchen.

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Mexican Chocolate Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Cookies

"Crunchy, gooey chocolate cookies with a kick! These cookies were surprisingly easy to make and contain two shocking ingredients for cookies: black pepper and cayenne. They were simply to-die-for awesome!"

Oh yeah. I happen to be a big fan of spicy chocolate - these sure do sound awesome. :)

Apple Pie Poptarts

Apple Pie Poptarts

Adriana bakes these fun and delectable little pastries:

"Apple pies in poptart form. Delicious and easy to carry around. An explosion of cinnamon in your mouth!"

Now that sounds a lot like a haiku to me - and any baked good worthy of a poem must me awesome. :)