March 2011



madeleines! everyone's favourite proustian delight is far easier to make than expected. and, delicious in a way that only something with lots of butter and sugar and eggs can be. the recipe i used is a cross between the entry in an old copy of the larousse gastronomique, with instructional tips from david lebovitz.

Malted Milk Sandwich Cookies

malted milk sandwich cookies 1.JPG

Malted Milk Sandwich Cookies with a delicious rum spiked creme filling that tastes just like the Oreo's filling. These cookies are a spin on the classic Oreo cookies, only ten times better!

Mango-Berry Crisp

fruit ts.jpg

Mangos, strawberries, blueberries and apples form the base of this incredible fruit crisp! Welcome Spring!

Strawberry Shortcakes

strawberry shortcake 4.jpg

Fresh strawberries macerated in sugar, spooned over freshly baked biscuits and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Rhubarb white chocolate muffins

rhubarb muffins large.jpg

Sweet and sour flavors, perfectly combined.

Snickers Cupcakes

snickers cupcakes.JPG

Snickers Cupcakes with a caramel coated Snickers filling, rich caramel frosting, and topped with caramel drizzle and chopped Snickers. These cupcakes are what dreams are made of! I don’t usually eat candy bars, but if I do it will always be a Snickers.

German Chocolate Cake


Ooey, gooey, sticky, and sweet. This German Chocolate Cake comes together with toasted coconut and pecans holding it all together.

Teacakes with Springy Glaze


Tender teacake cookies with a light blue glaze for spring :)

Vegan Orange Shortbread Cookies


Vegan Shortbread Cookies with Candied Orange Peel, Orange Zest and Orange Juice Baked Inside. Drizzled in Dark Chocolate.

Rosebud's Butter-Topped White Bread

Rosebud's White Bread1.jpg

From the 30-year-old handwritten index card of my grandmother, this recipe has been passed down through our family over the years. This light and airy white bread, with a butter-glazed crust, is almost fool-proof. Great for sandwiches, toast, or bread pudding, Rosebud's Butter-Topped White Bread is a sentimental treat from my family to yours.