March 2011

Orange Fig Bars


The grown-up, improved second cousins of Fig Newtons: homemade Orange Fig Bars.

Happy Hemp Two-Bite Brownies


Happy Hemp Two-Bite Brownies. Without grains, sugar, eggs or dairy, these little healthy bites of bliss are a perfect (legal) indulgence.

Chocolate Chili Panna Cotta


Back from Thailand with a handful of dried chilies. I can't think of a better way to use them than these chocolate chili panna cotta's.

Strawberry Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Strawberry Cheesecake2.jpg

Celebrate the beginning of Spring with this beautiful cheesecake. With pureed strawberries blended in the cheesecake filling, a chocolate crust, and garnished with sweet and juicy fresh strawberries, this cheesecake is a strawberry-lover's dream!

Via Cappuccino Muffins

For Cooking for Seven.jpg

Coffee flavored muffins with chocolate chips & coffee frosting.

Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze


Sweet, buttery scones bursting with fresh fruit and topped with a lovely lemon glaze.

Big hazelnut french macarons

IMGP8930 (640x636).jpg

Big hazelnut french macarons with gianduja chantilly - unforgettable!!

White Poppy Seed & Lemon Yogurt Cake


Love is... a cake filled with white poppy seedy and lemony goodness

Gluten-Free Pecan and Oat Crust

gluten free pecan and oat crust 042.JPG

This crust is gluten-free, loaded with oatmeal, pecans, dates and peanut butter - healthy and delicious!

Coconut Pecan Blondies

coconut 049.JPG

Healthy Coconut Pecan Blondies (148 Calories and REDUCED FAT)