April 2011

Apple crumb pie


Apple cinnamon pie with a crunchy crumb topping. Apple pie isn't just for the fall!

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Oatmeal Yogurt Scone


Scones made from yogurt, oatmeal, and coconut butter.

Red velvets and edible mustaches...

baking is hot mustaches.jpg

I love mustache-inspired things... although I do have to admit... I hate real mustaches! Go figure. Anything with a mustache on it except... well a man's face, I just laugh at and love. Who wouldn't think a walrus, elephant, finger, iPhone, bus, tractor, and now cupcakes would look 100x better with a mustache on it?? I needed to get home STAT so I could start drawing all my ideas down on paper! I wonder why I never thought of making edible mustaches before? Oh well...

Brownie Buttons

Brownie Buttons5.jpg

These super cute little brownie buttons are made with dark chocolate and a white chocolate glaze. The decorating possibilities are endless! Bet you can't eat just one!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Stuffed Rice Krispy Treats

chocolate chip peanut butter pretzel crispy treats .jpg

Completely over the top and insanely delicious, stuffed rice krispy treats are easy to make and allow you to create your own favorite flavor combination. See our chocolate peanut butter pretzel stuffed krispy treat, as well as chocolate caramel pretzel stuffed krispy treat and smores stuffed krispy treats.

Homemade Graham Crackers


Homemade Graham Crackers made with unprocessed ingredients like graham flour, white whole wheat, honey, sucanat and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, all spice and cloves.

Crisp Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

choc chip cookies crisp mini metal bowl

These mini chocolate chip cookies are just the right size to eat too many and not even notice until it's too late. Better than the mini cookies you can buy in the store, of course.

Double Chocolate Avocado Muffins


Forget the eggs, avocado adds a serious nutritional wallop to chocolate muffins.

Homemade Granola

homemade granola 1.JPG

Homemade granola packed with crunchy oats, slivered almonds, cashews, coconut, cinnamon and a medley of dried fruit that is sure to keep you going throughout your day.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunkers


Wonderful peanut butter cookies for Easter!!