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Hot Times

Hello lovely bakers! A little update for you all on where things are at here at Baking is Hot.

After a summer "vacation" for the site, we realized we're just to busy with life and work to keep accepting more submissions. Baking is Hot got so popular that we were having a hard time keeping up. We really enjoyed showcasing your goods, picking seasonal fav's, posting fun polls, promoting healthy baked goods, hosting awesome giveaways - and getting to know you! Baking bloggers are the sweetest.

So instead of taking down the site, we're keeping it up - as there's a TON of wonderful baking inspiration that we'd like to keep up for everyone to enjoy. We're also keeping the homepage fresh every day, by showcasing some of the best seasonal pics and links. We've also added Google ads to the site hoping they'll cover the cost of keeping the site up - wish us luck. :)

Will we ever start accepting submissions again? If an angel investor wants to keep things going, or a great baking company wants to sponsor the site or take over, then yes!

But for now we need to focus our design studio.

So please continue enjoying Baking is Hot, we know we will!

And if you miss us, drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.

xo Patty and Crispin

Summer Vacation


Summer's officially here in the tropics, and we've decided to give Baking is Hot a much needed vacation. After featuring almost 2000 beautiful baked goods, we need a little break from running the site, so we're not accepting submissions right now. We're definitely going to be doing some hot summer baking and visiting Baking is Hot for inspiration however - and we hope you will too!

We're also planning to update the site over the summer to make it fresher, more fun, and more interactive. We're really excited about the changes and we think they'll make the site even better.

Still we'll miss you, and if you miss us too feel free to contact us, say hi or send us a suggestion.

See you in the fall. :)

xo Patty and Crispin

Cashew blondies

blondies large.jpg

Easy to put together and with a nice crunch from the cashew nuts.

Easiest Vanilla Cake


This is so easy that a 6 year old made it, not entirely though.

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Spiced Almond Shortbread

Spiced Shortbread SQ.JPG

Sweet, salty, buttery, spiced almond shortbread...

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Baked Oatmeal


Why just eat your oatmeal from a bowl when you can bake it.

Rosebud's Sticky Buns

Rosebud's Sticky Buns2.jpg

Here is another one of my grandmother's homemade secret recipes: Sticky Buns. This sweet yeast dough is swirled with a butter-cinnamon and walnut center and cooked in a sweet brown sugar and butter glaze. You can't eat just one.

Espresso White Chocolate Crème Fraiche Muffins


Delicious, tender muffins flavoured with espresso and studded with white chocolate. Dessert for breakfast.

raspberry coconut cupcakes


delicious raspberry & coconut cupcakes

The Best M&M Cookies

best cookies 4.jpg

Classic cookie recipe with M&M milk chocolate candies.