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Carrot Cake Truffles


Carrot Cake Truffles or Life's lessons learned from a failed recipe.

Zucchini & Coconut Bread


Zucchini & Coconut Bread with coconut rum lime glaze! Perfect to beat the summer heat!

Mark Bittman's No Work Bread


Duplicate an artisan bakery loaf, with a crackling crust, open-holed crumb, light texture, and fantastic flavor, without kneading at all!

Apple Cinnamon Yeasted Meringue Coffee Cake

apple cinnamon yeasted coffee cake-3.jpg

A yeasted meringue coffee cake with an apple-cinnamon filling. Best served warm with some maple syrup on top! Recipe for a savory version of the coffee cake included.

Lemon Pound Cake


A light and airy pound cake, James Beard's way, made better with lemon zest and cognac! Perfect for a springtime treat!

Caramelized Onion tartlets


Tartlette shells made from just one ingredient- bread! With a filling of your choice these make perfect snacks for your guests

Mocha Chocolate Chip cookie


The traditional chocolate chip cookies with a twist - instant coffee is added to the batter.

Vegetarian Fish


Shortcrust pastry stuffed with stir-fried veggies and shaped like a fish. A delight for your guests!

Herb and Garlic Rolls

herb and garlic rolls.jpg

Slathered with a little butter, these savory herb and garlic flavored rolls make a fantastic treat at your dinner table.