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Cherry-Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Cherry Chiffon Cake5w.jpg

Fresh Bing cherries signal that summer is on its way with this lighter than air, moist cake. Perfectly dressed in a robe of chocolate ganache.

Lavender-Lemon Pound Cake

Lavender-Lemon Pound Cake.jpg

The buttery crumb and classic structure of this dessert is taken to extraordinary heights when the vibrant lemon flavor tames the musky floral qualities of lavender. It dances a delightful tango on your tongue!

Strawberry Kiss Cake

Stawberry Kiss Cake.jpg

"I used to marvel at them, the shiny plastic-covered rows of tilled soil awaiting a fresh planting. You could hardly miss them as your car jetted south on the 5 or 405. If you fixed your gaze a certain way, the passing symmetrical rows would appear as though they were in motion while you were seemingly stationary, suspended in time..."

Toy Story Birthday Cake

Toy Story Cake.jpg

Tiered yellow cakes filled with chocolate mousse, frosted in buttercream and topped with figurines.

Paddy Cakes filled with Bailey's Irish Cream Mousse


These Paddy Cakes filled with a delicious shot of Bailey's Irish Cream Mousse will bring the magic of leprechauns to the end of a holiday meal... Easy to make, they'll satisfy a family or a crowd. Blarney, they're good!

Irish Soda Bread


Rustic Irish Soda Bread made with buttermilk and varietal whole-wheat flours. Studded with raisins and caraway seed. Blarney good!

Chocolate Fix Cheesecake


"Then I saw it. A glorious, thick disc of creamy chocolate. Chocolate. CHOCOLATE. Slowly, an eyebrow drew upward like the Grinch when he conjured up his plan to silence Whoville. In that instant I understood my doldrums with the realization I had been missing c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e..."

Gran's Chocolate Cake


A three layer chocolate cake frosted in a chocolate buttercream basketweave and adorned with royal icing roses.