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raspberry coconut cupcakes


delicious raspberry & coconut cupcakes

Fiadone: soft goat cheese and lemon tarts


fiadone: soft brocciu goat cheese and lemon tarts from Corsica

white chocolate pecan and salted butter cookies

IMGP2224 (640x427).jpg

chewy crunchy chocolate pecan nuts and salted butter cookies

chocolate truffle cheesecake

IMGP2080 (640x427).jpg

rich and creamy chocolate truffle cheesecake - topped with strawberry, olive oil and basil

Pear and pistachio tartlet

IMGP0670 (640x428) (640x428).jpg

A lovely way to celebrate spring, with this pear and pistachio cream tartlet.

Hazelnuts milk chocolate cake

IMGP0903 (640x428).jpg

Hazelnuts milk chocolate cake with hazelnut icing.

Pancake soufflé cupcake

IMGP0864 (640x428).jpg

A fluffy soft pancake soufflé cupcake.

Saint Honoré with light cream

IMGP9547 (640x375).jpg

Saint Honoré with puffs & vanilla light cream patissière

Big hazelnut french macarons

IMGP8930 (640x636).jpg

Big hazelnut french macarons with gianduja chantilly - unforgettable!!

Milky little breads

IMGP4899 (640x308).jpg

Milky breads for a sweet sunday breakfast