Eggless Almond Chocolate Biscotti


An eggless biscotti made with almond butter and chocolate chips.

Eggless Almond Cookies


In case you need another recipe for quick, easy and delicious cookies - this recipe just happens to be eggless too. Perfect for kids with egg allergies!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins


Low-carb and gluten-free, these delicious protein-rich muffins are a great treat to help you get out of your warm bed on a cold morning.

Venetian carrot cake

venetian carrot cake large.jpg

Packed with carrots, raisins and almond meal, this cake is a great alternative for restrictive diets - it's gluten and dairy free!

Opera Cake


Because I am a Type A personality and have a strong desire to make things precise, this cake spoke right to my heart. Swee assures us that "it's not too difficult to make an Opera; however, it's difficult to get all the layers the same consistent height." She further explains that this cake "needs to be only 4cm tall." 6 layers, perfectly measured. Be still my heart.

BUT, even if you're not a Type A, you can still enjoy this flavor-packed dessert: almond sponge cake, coffee syrup, dark chocolate ganache. Absolutely amazing.

Crunchy Chocolate Almond Cookies


"Everyone has a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Some like the cookie gooey some like it crunchy. We like them both ways, but prefer the crunchy ones." Greengirl makes these with the added crunch of almonds - and not surprisingly these cookies are irresistible!

Toffee Squares

toffee squares.JPG

Toasted almonds, milk chocolate and toffee bits... does it get much better then this? I think not! :)

Almond Joy Cheesecake

Almond Joy Cheesecake

This is my dream cheesecake.  A creamy cheesecake filling loaded with toasted almonds and coconut, a coconut graham cracker crust, and a smooth chocolate ganache to top the whole thing off!  This is pure candy bar in cheesecake form.

Ginger-Orange Sandwich Cookies

Ginger-Orange Sandwich Cookies

"The texture of these cookies is very tender and the filling merges with the actual cookie. They are best when still warm, but you can keep them in an airtight container for about a month." If they last that long - yum!

Recipe: Sandwich cookies with ginger-orange filling

Skor Bar Cookies

Skor Bar Cookies

Melanie shares this wonderful recipe, a family favorite, for rich oaty cookies studded with chunks of toffee and slivered almonds, "perfect for an evening spent at home with your loved ones." Sounds like a great night in!

Recipe: Skor Bar Cookies