Spiced Almond Shortbread

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Sweet, salty, buttery, spiced almond shortbread...

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Cherry and Almond Tartlets

Cherry and almond tartlets

A delicious almond pastry + homemade cherry vanilla jam are a match made in heaven!

Recipe: Cherry and almond tartlets

Birthday Girl's Granola

Birthday Girl's Granola

A delicious - and healthy - way to start the day!

[especially when it's your special day - happy birthday Patricia! :D xo, p+c] 

Recipe: Baked’s granola

(note: can be made gluten-free using gluten-free oats)

Almond and Jam Bars

Almond and jam bars

Bill Granger has done it again - shortbread, jam and almonds deliciously combined in bar form!

Recipe: Almond and jam bars

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Braided Sweet Bread with Coffee Cream Filling

Braided Sweet Bread with Coffee Cream Filling

from CaffeIna

If you ever have a hard week, get in a fight or find you're simply in a bad mood, try baking this delicious sweet bread - it will cure anything!

Recipe: Braided sweet bread with coffee cream filling

Moroccan Desserts

Moroccan Desserts

For round 2 of the Project Food Blog competition, Natalie was challenged to create a classic dish from a foreign cuisine. She let Morocco inspire her, and then she seriously outdid herself with these three incredible Moroccan desserts: Pears and Figs in Honey Syrup, Sfenj (doughnut lovers, this is for you), and a Moroccan Serpent Cake (M'Hanncha), made with filo pastry, almonds and rose water.

Natalie: as someone who has had the honor of posting your baked goods before, the Baking is Hot community wishes you the best of luck! Your desserts look so gorgeous (and delicious)!!

Recipes: Moroccan Desserts