Baked Oatmeal


Why just eat your oatmeal from a bowl when you can bake it.

Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf

Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf.JPG

Zingy Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, lemon zest, yogurt and plump blueberries is lightly brushed with a lemon syrup then drizzled with a lemon glaze. Bursting with lemony flavor and fresh blueberries, this melt in your mouth will leave you begging for more. Serve a slice of this moist loaf with a cup of tea and start your morning off right.

Orange Blueberry Friands

Orange Blueberry Friands

Tender little cakes with a delicious citrus touch, topped with blueberries. Mmmm!

Recipe: Orange blueberry friands

Rustic Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry Cobbler

Oh how I adore easy rustic summer crumbles, crisps, and cobblers - like this stellar blueberry cobbler submitted by Erica Lea. I love how she uses an iron skillet (so great for baking) and delicious healthy ingredients like maple sugar, whole wheat flour, and a generous amount of fresh summer blueberries.

Recipe: Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry Crumb Bars

Blueberry Crumb Bars

When it comes to blueberries, I'm like a happy bear in the woods sitting by a meandering stream blissfully munching away. It's such a treat when blueberries are in season. Jamie bakes these delectable Blueberry Crumb Bars with fresh blueberries, lemon zest, and homemade vanilla extract. I could eat these all day!

Recipe: Blueberry Crumb Bars

Banana Bread with Coconut Blueberries and Almonds

Banana Bread with Coconut Blueberries and Almonds

I love banana bread, and what better way to use up all those over-ripe bananas you have kicking around. This banana bread is packed with awesome additions, a stellar combo of flavors and textures - quick and easy to make too!

Recipe: Banana Bread with Coconut Blueberries and Almonds

Cake With Blueberries and Creme Fraiche

Cake With Blueberries and Creme Fraiche

It's my birthday! And this is my imaginary birthday cake as it's impossible to get fresh blueberries (or anything like them) in the tropics where I live - and I love dark-blue-anti-oxidant-rich berries! Emilia made this beautiful cake using almond flour and fresh bilberries. Yum!

Recipe: Cake With Blueberries and Crème Fraîche