A great way to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

Crumpet with cardamon for breakfast

IMGP8475 (640x391).jpg

A very British delicious funny little rounded & flat bread covered with holes

Two Tone Nutella Filled Buns


Two tone Nutella filled Buns - mix cake flour, yeast and baking powder, fill with Nutella and enjoy these wonderful buns!

Cinnamon choc chip swirl bread

swirl bread large.jpg

Cinnamon and chocolate combined in a tender, easy to work with dough.

Cheddar Soda Bread

Cheddar Soda Bread4.jpg

Cheddar soda bread - light and airy with two types of cheddar cheese. Great with soups or warm with a little bit of butter on top!

Olive Oil Rosemary Bread

Olive oil rosemary bread.JPG

Aromatic olive oil and rosemary bread.

Irish Soda Bread


Rustic Irish Soda Bread made with buttermilk and varietal whole-wheat flours. Studded with raisins and caraway seed. Blarney good!

Yellow onion dinner rolls


Yellow onion dinner rolls, perfect with soup!

Sourdough Bagel

PGR20110225 055-2.jpg

Prepared using sourdough starter, this bagel is topped with sesame seeds.

Garlic knots


Soft homemade savory garlic knots.