Morning Glory Oat Muffins

Black Pepper Biscuits

Black Pepper Biscuits

from Macheesmo

Light and fluffy breakfast biscuits sprinkled with black pepper for that savory touch, Nick of Macheesmo shows us how to bake these fantastic biscuits in no time.

Recipe: Black Pepper Biscuits

Cinnamon Cereal Muffins

Cinnamon Cereal Muffins

Pairing up the crunch and spiciness of cinnamon cereal with the awesomeness-at-large that muffins are is pure genius and makes that bowl of soggy cereal you're eating look all the more revolting, doesn't it?

Recipe: Cinnamon Cereal Muffins

Seven Grain and Brown Sugar Bread

Seven Grain and Brown Sugar Bread

from Foy Update

What do you do with leftover hot cereal? One thing you can do is make this delicious bread.

Recipe: Seven Grain and Brown Sugar Bread

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How to Make English Muffins

English Muffins

from the Brown Eyed Baker

Ever wonder how English muffins are made? When I first learned that bagels where boiled and then baked, I was a bit surprised, but then it was like "ah, that makes sense". English muffins also have an important step before baking. The Brown Eyed Baker walks us through step-by-step, and shows us how to make these delectable classics.

Recipe: English Muffins