Bubble-Top Brioche

Bubble Top Brioche1.jpg

Looking for an alternative to a simple roll for your next dinner experience? Try these dense and buttery bubble-top brioche. They may seem intimidating, but they are actually a lot easier to make than you may think. And the best part? If you have leftovers, use them to make French toast or bread pudding!

Brioche Sandwich

Brioche Sandwich

Swee San knows how to make the kind of sandwich that lifts your spirit and satisfies your soul. She starts by baking a fresh brioche loaf. Then she cuts two thick even slices, and toasts them to a perfect golden brown (this is important!). Only then does she apply her carefully chosen toppings. Oh yes, there is an art to it dear readers, and this is a masterpiece.

Recipe: Brioche and a Sandwich

Sourdough Brioches

Sourdough Brioches2

When I think about Italy, I think about the food - gelato, margherita pizza, olive oil and bread. Oh the bread. I must have gained 10 pounds in the three days I spent there; bread was a must at every meal.

So needless to say, I was excited when Tania's sourdough brioches popped up in my inbox. Because if anyone knows how to do brioche right, it's probably her. These would be perfect spread with jam at breakfast, and they can also be rolled out into croissants.

Recipe: Sourdough Brioches

Coconut Cream Bread

Coconut Cream Bread

Check out this sweet and rich yeast bread, that tastes like brioche (even though it's vegan), and is studded with rum-soaked raisins - awesome! This recipe is versatile too - you can even make it into a batch of killer cinnamon rolls.

Recipe: Coconut Cream Bread

And if you can't get enough coconut, here's one of my favorite Harry Belafonte tunes Coconut Woman.