Caramel Sticky Rolls

crescent caramel bundt not with crescent rolls.jpg

This recipe comes from a Pillsbury Bake-Off cookbook and calls for the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Today I used regular Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits. Either way they are buttery, caramely, and absolutely DElicious.

Homemade Hamburger Rolls


Further proof that homemade is almost always better! These rolls are soft and light yet sturdy enough for your juiciest burger.

Ultimate Cinnamon Bun


Ooey, sticky, light and filling - the Ultimate Cinnamon Bun with make your problems go away and add an inch or so to your hips. Totally worth it.


2011-04-19 11.41.29.jpg

Try these delicious, warm and cheesy appetizers from France. They are so easy to make and everyone loves them! Go ahead! Try them!

Cinnamon Bubble Buns for Easter


Like monkey bread, but shaped in a muffin tin to look like little flowers. Perfect for Easter and a fun project to make with kids.

Garlic and Herb Rolls


Warm rolls oozing with garlic, basil and butter.



A great way to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

Two Tone Nutella Filled Buns


Two tone Nutella filled Buns - mix cake flour, yeast and baking powder, fill with Nutella and enjoy these wonderful buns!

Gooey Sticky Cinnamon Buns


Gooey Sticky Cinnamon Buns - the perfect Sunday morning treat!

Brazilian Cheese Bread - Pão de Queijo


Cheese Bread is one of the most traditional foods in Minas Gerais State, where I was born and raised. They are little buns with a crackly, crusty exterior and soft center, made mainly with cheese and tapioca flour. They are perfect with breakfast or lunch, or simply as a snack with juice, coffee or even a soft drink.