Mandarin Sticky Buns


Forget about lemon sticky buns - mandarin sticky buns are the way to go for a great treat!

Olive Oil Bread


I finally found an olive oil bread recipe that really tastes like olive oil. It is now my new favorite soup companion!

Chelsea Buns

Chelsea Buns.jpg

The flavour of traditional English Chelsea Buns is sweet and sometimes mildly spicy. These are great teatime treats and are ideal for breakfast as well. The filling for these buns is slightly varied - some add spices like ground cinnamon to make it a little spicy.

Healthy Sandwich Rolls

Healthy Sandwich Rolls

These sandwich rolls, made with oat flour and whole wheat flour, are a nice, healthier alternative to those store-bought white hamburger buns. Garnished with some crunchy seeds or wheat bran, they add great flavor and can even stand alone as a dinner roll.

Recipe: Basic Sandwich Rolls

Buttery Cinnamon Buns

Buttery Cinnamon Buns

Ceecee makes these heavenly buns for her very lucky family, and says:

"These put the "sin" in cinnamon buns! These ones are especially delicious and believe it or not, you don't need cream cheese icing."

Recipe: Buttery Cinnamon Buns

Cinnabon Rolls

Cinnabon Rolls

Just take one look at these cinnamon rolls, and try not to get hungry.  Drizzled with icing, nuts, and warm from the oven - they look and taste just like the ones from Cinnabon - but better!

Recipe: Cinnabon Rolls

Beautiful Shaped Dinner Rolls

Beautiful Shaped Dinner Rolls

How fun and pretty are these? GreenGirl gives step-by-step instructions showing how to make these beautiful dinner rolls - 12 different shapes to impress your guests with!

Directions: Dinner Rolls (tutorial)

She also shares the perfect dough recipe: Dinner Rolls

Jam Buns

Jam buns

Simple, delicious buns bursting with sweet yummy jam. The best part is, your stand mixer can do all the work. :)

Recipe: Jam Buns

Pão de Queijo: Brazilian Cheese Bread

Pão de Queijo: Brazilian Cheese Bread

Brazilians sure do make great buns - like these awesome cheese buns that are quick and easy to make, require no yeast - and no wheat flour either. This traditional cheese bread is made with tapioca starch instead and your choice of sharp tangy cheese - like parmesan. Leaf shares this great recipe and technique for making these savory treats that are crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle. I'm so making these - thank you!

Recipe: pão de queijo: brazilian cheese bread

Instant Gratification Cinnamon Rolls

Instant Gratification Cinnamon Rolls

Is it possible to have homemade cinnamon rolls in under an hour? You better believe it! These no-rise cinnamon rolls go from pantry to plate in no time. They're gooey, tender...and vegan!

Recipe: Instant Gratification Cinnamon Rolls