Gorgeous French Pie Dish

Gorgeous Pie Dish

Emile Henry 9-Inch Pie Dish, in Cerise Red

Emile Henry delivers the goods with this classic 9-inch pie dish. People who have one rave about the amazing baking properties, great durability, beautiful presentation, and easy cleanup. I love the fluted rim, gorgeous glaze and natural clay construction. Want!

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Hummingbird Brown Sugar Saver

Hummingbird Sugar Saver

JBK Terra Cotta Brown Sugar Savers

Sure, a slice of bread will also keep your brown sugar moist, but the bread will eventually go bad - and it isn't nearly as nice as this pretty terra cotta hummingbird. Also available in a variety of other cute designs if hummingbirds aren't your thing.

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Gorgeous Cherry Stoneware Cannisters

Gorgeous Cherry Stoneware Cannister

Le Creuset Stoneware Medium Canister, Cherry

These gorgeous and classy canisters will appeal to those who already know and love Le Creuset stoneware, and anyone else who appreciates beautiful, functional, well-made stoneware. They come in more beautiful colors, and in 3 practical sizes - according to one reviewer who owns and loves all three: "I use (the small) canister to store tea bags. I use the large version to store a 5 pound bag of flour, which it does so easily, and the medium version to store a 5 pound bag of sugar." Of course, you could  use any one of them to store your freshly-baked biscotti. A silicone seal on the lids keeps things fresh. Made in France, Le Creuset stoneware doesn't absorb odors or flavors, resists staining and chipping, is dishwasher-safe and carries a lifetime warranty against defects.

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Beautiful Batter Bowl

Beautiful Batter Bowl

Le Creuset Enameled Stoneware Batter Bowl in Kiwi Green

This beautiful batter bowl is a classic. Great for those who like to hand-mix batters, it works well as a wet or dry ingredient bowl and looks great on your kitchen counter. Perfect for making eggs, crêpe and pancake batters... or even as a punch-bowl in a pinch. Le Creuset's well-designed enameled stoneware is oven-safe, freezer-safe, dishwasher safe - and so pretty you can use it for table serving too. Comes in gorgeous colors, including this fresh and cheery "kiwi" green, and classic white.

Premium Heavy-Duty Springform Pan

Premium Heavy-Duty Springform Pan

Kaiser Bakeware LaForme Plus Springform Pan

We looked around, and this is really the best springform pan we could find. While other spring form pans have flaky and potentially toxic non-stick coatings, this one has a special heavy duty steel/enamel non-stick coating that is PTFE and PFOA-free. The base is cut-resistent and the body has a 10-year guarantee. The buckle has a lifetime guarantee, and can be used left-or right-handed by simply flipping the ring. Comes in several sizes and shapes.

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An Elegant Pastry Stand

Elegant Pastry Stand

BIA Cordon Bleu Nouveau Collection Pastry/Cheese Stand, White

This beautiful, simple, and stackable pedestal platter is perfect for serving and displaying pastries, cakes, cheese... This oval stand comes in 3 widths: 9-inch (above), 6-inch and 12-inch.

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Gorgeous French Kitchen Bowl

Gorgeous French Kitchen Bowl

Emile Henry Provencal 5.7-Quart Kitchen Bowl, Vert Green

This beautiful bowl is hand-made in France using a unique process to create an extremely durable and vibrant finish. Big enough for a double-batch of cookie dough, it also makes a great multipurpose kitchen bowl, being freezer, oven, broiler, and dishwasher safe. Comes in other colors but we like this cheery green the best.

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