Cornflakes Crunchies

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Crunchy Buttery Cornflakes Cookies

Baked Apple Chips

Baked Apple Chips

Learn how to bake these healthy and addictive autumn treats, "a wonderful alternative to chips for game day, or anytime you are craving something crunchy... even better when you can't decide between that or something sweet!"

Sounds like the perfect fall snack to me!

Recipe: Baked Apple Chips

Traditional Spanish Rosquilletas

Traditional Spanish Rosquilletas

Adriana shares her thoughts on turning 25, and a traditional Spanish sesame cookie she grew up with. "They're crunchy and tasty, perfect for dipping in coffee, even though they're not sweet." Made with olive oil, anise, and love - they're reminiscent of the little bread cookies you'll find all around the Mediterranean - muy delicioso!

Story and Recipe: Growing up, 'rosquilletas' and birthday cake

!Feliz cumpleaños Adriana!"

Crunchy Aromatic Bread Rings

Crunchy Aromatic Bread Rings

Crunchy Middle Eastern sesame-topped bread rings flavored with ground cherry pits, cumin and aromatic anise - a gorgeous flavor combo in a cute little package - I love these!

Recipe: Ka'ak - Sesame Rings

Salty Sweet Oat Cookies

Salty Sweet Oats Cookies

If you love granola and salty pretzels, you'll looooooove these (splendidly healthy) addictively yummy crunchy satisfying sweet and savory cookies *and* granola!

Recipes: Salty Sweet Oats and Cookies