Caramel Chocolate fudge frosting/Mocha swiss Meringue filling and Chocolate cake.


Weekend Baking: Caramel Chocolate fudge frosting/Mocha swiss Meringue filling and Chocolate cake.

Curious George Cupcakes

curious george cupcake 076.JPG

Cute Curious George Cupcakes ~ a fun activity for the kiddos and moms!

Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake p.jpg

Hummingbird Cake garnished w/edible flowers. Perfect for Mom's Day.

Sugar Cookies

sugar cookies geometric rainbow.jpg

This recipe is from The sugar cookies are versatile, as you can see from the pictures I have posted on my blog; and they taste good too.

Heart Shaped Marshmallow Pops for Mother's Day

marshmallow pops.jpg

It's not too late to make something special for Mother's Day ~~ why not try to make these pretty Heart Shaped Marshmallow Pops to surprise your Mum!

Cookie Monster Cookies

Cookie Monster Cookies KatrinasKitchen.jpg

My favorite basic sugar cookie is turned into a MONSTER! These Cookie Monster Cookies are easy to make... and fun to eat!

Royal Wedding Cupcakes

Royal Wedding Cupcakes.jpg

Royal Wedding Cupcakes and a tutorial on how to make the flowers & flags (download my printable flag template)

Red velvets and edible mustaches...

baking is hot mustaches.jpg

I love mustache-inspired things... although I do have to admit... I hate real mustaches! Go figure. Anything with a mustache on it except... well a man's face, I just laugh at and love. Who wouldn't think a walrus, elephant, finger, iPhone, bus, tractor, and now cupcakes would look 100x better with a mustache on it?? I needed to get home STAT so I could start drawing all my ideas down on paper! I wonder why I never thought of making edible mustaches before? Oh well...

Brownie Buttons

Brownie Buttons5.jpg

These super cute little brownie buttons are made with dark chocolate and a white chocolate glaze. The decorating possibilities are endless! Bet you can't eat just one!

Cadbury Cupcakes


Rich devils food cupcakes with frosting made from the creme inside of a Cadbury Egg and a hidden bite of surprise on the inside of a ganache made from the shells! Happy Easter!