egg whites

Nibby financiers

nibby financiers large.jpg

Sweet, tender financiers freckled with bitter, crunchy cacao nibs. Great combo of flavors and textures!

Baby Meringue Kisses


Baby Meringue Kisses - a great way to use up your leftover egg whites.

Nutty Slice Biscuits 义大利咖啡脆饼


Nutty Slice Biscuits 义大利咖啡脆饼 - egg whites only biscotti

Italian Pistachio Cookies


Wickedly good Italian Pistachio Cookies... 4 ingredients, gluten-free and vegetarian.

Mini rhubarb pavlovas

pavlovas large.jpg

Crisp homemade meringues topped with velvety cream and a delicious rhubarb compote - heavenly!

Lemon financiers

lemon friands large.jpg

Tender, delicious cakes with a hint of lemon - and a great way to use up egg whites left from ice cream making. :)

Plum financiers

plum friands large.jpg

Financiers that (almost) look like a flower!

Devilish angel food cake with passion fruit curd

angel food cake large.jpg

I never knew only egg whites would create such a delicious cake! Amazing with homemade passion fruit curd.

Angel Food Cake


Third times the charm, an excellent Angel Food Cake!

Peanut Butter Financiers

Peanut Butter Financiers

I was amazed by how wonderful these turned out - I never knew that peanut butter would be so good in financiers!

Recipe: Peanut butter financiers