Baked Oatmeal


Why just eat your oatmeal from a bowl when you can bake it.

Coconut Crunch Granola


Making granola is a lot easier than you may think! This Coconut Crunch granola is packed with almonds, coconut, flax seed, and rolled oats. Plain or with yogurt, it's a treat all around.

Peanut butter and chocolate snack bars


These delicious bars are made with wheat flour, whole oats and flax seed - but all you can taste is creamy peanut butter and chocolate!

Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Lace Cookies

DSC_0197 sq.jpg

These addictive oatmeal raisin lace cookies are delicate, vegan, and only 100 calories! bonus: learn how to use flax meal as an egg substitute.

Homemade Berry Newtons


A healthier, tastier version of the classic cookie, to tempt picky eaters.

Hearty Baked Oatmeal


Dear "oatmeal haters," this recipe is for you (and me)! The secret to Bobbi's baked oatmeal lies in a "custard-like mixture" that the oats sit in overnight to "soak up the delicious flavors" of cinnamon, nutmeg and toasted coconut. "This also gives the oats a chewy, nutty texture, which is quite nice - especially when topped with toasted walnuts and dried cranberries and submerged in a puddle of warm milk."

"Who's hatin' on oatmeal now?" Not me!

Vegan Nutty Bars

Vegan Nutty Bars

Forming healthy habits in the new year should start with healthy snacking. Natalie's energy snack bars are a great example. She says, "all that protein and fiber is why they are so filling and can hold over an appetite longer than a bag of Skittles or chips."

Recipe: Vegan Nutty Bars

Chewy Banana Granola Bars

Chewy Banana Granola Bars

from MuffinEgg

"When life gives you smashed bananas, bake something!" I just love Rachel's attitude - and if you read her story, you'll know why. I also love her healthy baking styles! These filling healthy bars star oats, flax, banana, and almonds - and they're quick and easy to make.

Recipe and story: Chewy Banana Granola Bars

They're also gluten-free (if you use gluten-free oats) and optionally vegan/egg-free.

Maple Apple Pecan Bread

Maple Apple Pecan Bread

Fall ushers in the most gorgeous colors and the most amazing natural ingredients. Leaves begin to change colors, fall apples ripen, and Erica plucks them right off her family's apple trees. (So lucky!) 

She bakes her apples into this "spicy, scrumptious quick bread" that's flavored with maple syrup, dappled with pecans, and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Looks like fall also brings the best flavors!

Recipe: Maple Apple Pecan Bread