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Matcha Madeleines

Ooo la la! How about some pretty green matcha madeleines for St. Patty's day?

Recipe: Matcha Madeleines

Classic French Ramekins

Classic French Ramekins

Emile Henry 6-Ounce Ramekins, Set of 4, White

Ramekins are a multi-purpose kitchen essential. These classic heavy durable French stoneware ramekins are made to last: oven broiler microwave and dishwasher safe. (Some of the cheaper ones are not broiler or flame safe.) These 6-ounce ramekins are ideal for baking crème brulées, soufflés, custards, puddings, mini-cakes, buns... and make pretty little bowls.

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Classic French Rolling Pin

Classic French Rolling Pin

Vic Firth Maple Rolling Pins - French

There are a lot of fancy newfangled rolling pins out there. This one's a classic. One piece of solid maple. Easy-to-use. Beautiful. Here's what some folks are saying:

"This rolling pin is so simple, so basic - yet so perfect. The price is perfect too. It does the job. Period. It's light, beautiful, easy to clean, easy to store, not big and bulky."

"Much easier to use than traditional rolling pin... The tapered thin rolling pin enables me to have more control over the thickness of the dough."

and my fav: " will truly feel tears of joy and gratitude welling up in your eye sockets the first time you roll out a batch of tortilla dough with this handsome little devil."

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New Cherry Clafoutis

New Cherry Clafoutis

Classic cherry clafoutis (with cherry pits) demystified and remixed into 2 delectable easy-to-make wheat-free recipes.