Marshmallow Cupcakes + Marshmallow Frosting


Marshmallow cupcakes topped off with marshmallow frosting and mock Peeps!

Cadbury Cupcakes


Rich devils food cupcakes with frosting made from the creme inside of a Cadbury Egg and a hidden bite of surprise on the inside of a ganache made from the shells! Happy Easter!

Dessert Eggs


For Easter, try this festive take on stuffed egg hors d’oeuvres. Instead of deviled eggs, these pastry cream & cake dessert eggs are angelic and sweet. Like… me! (Mwahahahaaaa!) I found a new product to play with, and this was the result!

...Plus, a pastry cream recipe!

Chickadee Cookies


Behold the cuteness as these little chickadee icebox cookies hatch from your Easter basket just in time! Simple to make and too cute to share!

Eggs-in-a-nest cupcakes


There's a bake sale at my son's school today, just in time for easter: so i made butterscotch cupcakes topped with cocoa frosting and meringue eggs in a crunchy butterscotch nest!

My First Cake Pops!

Cake Pop 5.jpg

Cake Pops are fun to make. You can even ask your kids to play along too and decorate them.

Colorful lemon sugar cookies


Colorful lemon sugar cookies to ring in spring. Perfect for Easter celebrations.

Homemade Vegan Ding Dongs


A Vegan Throwback to a Popular Childhood Snack. Rich, Chocolate Cake Filled with Cream and Covered in Ganache.

Superhero Squad Cake


A superhero Squad cake for 2 birthday boys

Toy Story Birthday Cake

Toy Story Cake.jpg

Tiered yellow cakes filled with chocolate mousse, frosted in buttercream and topped with figurines.