German Pancake


A German pancake - baked light and fluffy, and made with just the right amount of lemon and sugar.

Salted Macadamia Nut German Chocolate Cake

German chocolate cake.jpg

Super moist chocolate cake filled with salted Macadamia nut-coconut filling, a hint of American buttercream and truffle Ganache.

German Chocolate Cake


Ooey, gooey, sticky, and sweet. This German Chocolate Cake comes together with toasted coconut and pecans holding it all together.

German Black 'strawberry' forest cake

Strawberry German Choc cake (32)_0.JPG

Soft, not-too-sweet chocolate sponge with layers of vanilla whipped cream, peach-liqueur marinated strawberries and almond American buttercream.

Vintage Recipe Project: Zserbo Szelet A Hungarian Dessert

Vintage Recipe Zserbo Szelet.jpg

In one of the vintage recipe binders I own, I found a lovely piece of parchment paper with a recipe written on it. The name of the recipe was not written in English (and I doubt there is an English translation for it because I never came across one...)

Chocolate Marble Cookies


Anncoo bakes these "light and crumbly, melt in your mouth" German Butter Cookies - and takes them to the next level of deliciousness by marbling in some premium cocoa.

Stollen Wreath

Stollen Wreath

Umm takes on the Daring Baker's Challenge and bakes this gorgeous and festive "traditional German bread made with a selection of exotic dry fruits." Wow!

Recipe: Stollen Wreath

Traditional Stollen

Traditional Stollen

Adriana baked this classic German sweet bread for the holidays and had this to say: 

"With rounds of marzipan in each slice and a chewy texture, this stollen will be appearing at our house all year long... Kissed by the fruity lips of orange peels and scented throughout with rum, this is my absolute favorite bread."

I'll bet! It sounds simply divine!

Recipe: Stollen

Lebkuchen with Amaretto-Vanilla Glaze

Lebkuchen with Amaretto-Vanilla Glaze

Sometimes a picture says it all. Look at the amaretto-vanilla glaze on these amazing lebkuchen from Jessica - she describes them as "a comforting German Christmas cookie that will put anyone in the holiday spirit!" Indeed!

Recipe: Lebkuchen with Amaretto-Vanilla Glaze

Chocolate Sauerkraut Cakes

Chocolate Sauerkraut Cakes

What do you with leftovers of that spoiled German cabbage known as sauerkraut? Well, make up a batch of chocolate sauerkraut cakes of course. Proof that opposites attract.

Recipe: Chocolate Sauerkraut Cakes