Vegan Citrus Granola Parfait


Lemon, lime and orange juice-infused granola served with dairy-free vanilla yogurt

Mexican Sourdough


For the last several months I've been busy making dough… sourdough! I love it. It's so old school, tactile, physical, chemical, biological, nutritious, delicious... And it may seem very technical at first, but once you figure out what works for you, it can be a fun creative free-style type of baking. It requires no fancy equipment, or special ingredients - and kneading dough is a great way to relieve stress. :)

Healthy and usually vegan, sourdough can be made with wheat flour, rye flour, gluten-free flour...

Hemp Chai Chocolate Muffins


How to add a boost of protein to your muffins? Toss in hemp protein. Hemp chai chocolate muffins.

Eggless Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies


Not too chewy and not too crunchy - these cookies are healthy enough to be eaten for breakfast and are delicious as a snack.

Savory Spinach, Feta and Red Pepper Muffins


A perfect addition to a brown bag lunch: Savory spinach, feta and roasted red pepper muffins.

Baked Chicken Fingers

Baked Chicken Fingers.JPG

Crunchy chicken fingers that are oven baked, not fried, that not only taste great but are so much healthier for you.

Whole Wheat Jalapeño Focaccia


10 minutes of active work in the kitchen can give you this delicious flat bread. It is vegan too.

Individual Carrot Cakes with Cashew Maple Cream


A match made in culinary heaven: Individual carrot cakes with cashew maple cream.

Perfect Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins


Light & fluffy blueberry muffins made using whole wheat flour.. They're healthy and delicious!

Eggless Condensed Milk Low Fat Cake

egglesss 105.JPG

Eggless Condensed Milk Vanilla Cake - Low Fat & only 115 Calories!