Lebanese Maamouls


Maamouls are Lebanese sablés especially made for Easter. Maamouls are filled with a mix of nuts, pistachios or dates and spices... and are insanely good!

Brioche with date


A brioche roll stuffed with a date paste flavored with a touch of rose water and garnished with toasted sesame seeds. An update on a traditional baked pastry sold on the streets of Lebanese cities by cart vendors.

Lebanese Sleeha

Lebanese Sleeha

Though not actually baked, this seasonal dessert made from barley, pomegranate and anise was just too beautiful to pass up. Traditionally made only once a year by Christians in the Middle East for Saint Barbara's day (a feast day sort of like Halloween but celebrated on December 4th), Sleeha (or Burbara) is offered to masquerading children as a treat. How neat!

Recipe and story (in French): Sleeha Libanais ou Sainte Barbara