Island Rum Gift Cakelets

Island Rum Gift Cakelets

Rosie takes us down to where the trade winds blow with these sweet little rum-infused cakes made delectable with a brushing of simple rum syrup! Nothing else is needed, (except for maybe those delightful Nordic Ware pans she uses for baking)!

Recipe: Island Rum Gift Cakelets

Teacup Cupcake Molds

Teacup Cupcake Molds

Fred & Friends Teacup Cakes Cupcake Molds

These cute and classy cupcake molds just scream "tea party!". Made of silicone with little handles, they even come with matching saucers to complete the effect.

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Traditional Chinese Mooncake Molds

Traditional Chinese Mooncake Mold

Authentic Chinese baking and pastry cake mold - single round moon cake mold

If you're going to make traditional mooncakes, you're going to need a mold. I was excited to find some really beautiful Chinese mooncake molds on Amazon. This authentic Chinese baking and pastry cake mold (above) is gorgeous, and according to a couple of folks who own it, it's exquisitely crafted with a lacquer finish to help release your cakes. There are also 3-in-1 molds that each have 3 different delightful designs, and come in either round or square forms.

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