Coconut Banana Nut Bread

coconut banana nut bread 7.jpg

Banana bread made with coconut flakes and a mix of toasted nuts.

Lebanese Maamouls


Maamouls are Lebanese sablés especially made for Easter. Maamouls are filled with a mix of nuts, pistachios or dates and spices... and are insanely good!

Orange-Meringue coffee cake


Orange flavor coffee cake filled with cinnamon meringue, nuts and dark chocolate. My entry for Daring Bakers Challenge March 2011.

cinnamon spiced pecans


And really, it couldn't be easier. You whisk together a bit of egg white that acts as a binder for the aromatic goodness to come. Then you add a bit of soft brown sugar for sweetness and a potpourri of spices and toss the pecans in. Turning them about ever so gently, the goo will pull between the pecans like cinnamon cobwebs and off it goes into the oven where it will permeate your entire house with a fragrance that makes you wish St. Nick was just around the corner.

Nibby financiers

nibby financiers large.jpg

Sweet, tender financiers freckled with bitter, crunchy cacao nibs. Great combo of flavors and textures!

Nutty Slice Biscuits 义大利咖啡脆饼


Nutty Slice Biscuits 义大利咖啡脆饼 - egg whites only biscotti

Texas-Sized Muffins

muffins 3.jpg

Apart from the kitchen sink, everything is inside these delightful, cakey muffins – including carrots, apples, nuts…

Texas sheet cake

Texas sheet cake large.jpg

Chocolate and pecans beautifully combined in a classic. Yum!

Chocolate Granola

chocolate granola 5.jpg

Made with rolled oats, cocoa powder, nuts, and cranberries, this granola will have you asking for more.