olive oil

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake 3.jpg

It's moist, a bit sweet, and an incredibly rich chocolate cake.

Whole Wheat Focaccia Bread

Whole Wheat Focaccia Bread.jpg

Italian dimpled flat bread, flavored with olive oil, garlic salt, rosemary and oregano.

Zucchini quiche


Savory zucchini quiche made with whole wheat pastry.

Olive Oil Rosemary Bread

Olive oil rosemary bread.JPG

Aromatic olive oil and rosemary bread.

Olive Oil Bread


I finally found an olive oil bread recipe that really tastes like olive oil. It is now my new favorite soup companion!

Yeasted Olive Oil Pear Cake


A delicious not too sweet coffee cake topped with fresh pears.

Rosemary Whole-Wheat Focaccia

Rosemary Whole-Wheat Focaccia

This gorgeous focaccia is calling my name! Adriana says it's a thinner bread because of the addition of whole wheat flour. "I feel like it adds a depth of flavor to it," she says. "Of course, the olive oil does a great part of that job."

Recipe: Rosemary Whole-Wheat Focaccia

Cauliflower-Gouda Layered Baked Eggs with Tomato and Spinach

Cauliflower-Gouda Layered Baked Eggs with Tomato and Spinach

Brunch might just be one of my favorite things about the weekend. It's the meal for people who aren't up in time for breakfast and who don't want to admit that lunchtime is technically over, too. It's best served on lazy weekend days, and it demands lazy weekend recipes. 

These baked eggs are layered with all manner of delicious, fresh ingredients: cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach and gouda cheese. And the best part is, "everything is cooked using just the ramekins and the oven... no separate sautéing of ingredients in pans, no boiling in pots, etcetera." The Indolent Cook calls this recipe a "tribute to her laziness." I call it weekend perfection.

Recipe: Cauliflower-Gouda Layered Baked Eggs with Tomato and Spinach

Pomegranate Almond Olive Oil Cakes

Pomegranate Almond Olive Oil Cakes

According to lore, pomegranates were the symbol of love. I have to say that I am pretty fond of these light pomegranate infused cakes gussied up with some olive oil and nutrient-packed almonds.

Recipe: Pomegranate Olive Cakes

Blueberry Orange Muffins

Blueberry Orange Muffins

Ancoo shares this simple healthy recipe for these classic, not to mention "moist and tender delicious", blueberry muffins:

"...this is a super-easy recipe for which you don't need the electric mixer at all, and I absolutely loved the blueberry orange combo."

I love the quick and easy treats like these - I also love that these are made with yogurt and olive oil - and a generous amount of flavorful orange zest as well as blueberries. :)

Recipe: Blueberry Orange Muffins