Chocolate Macarons with Orange Buttercream (for two)


6 perfect little sandwich cookies with the best flavor combination on earth: chocolate + orange

Orange Rolls

Orange CInnamon Rolls 006.jpg

Real orange in the dough, filling and topping make each flavor-infused bite absolutely irresistible.

Orange Ricotta Cake


Ricotta cheese gives the moist texture, in addition to the tangy orange flavour, the cake will be winner with your afternoon tea.

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Orange Marmalade Cookies with Fresh Orange Icing

orange marmalade cookies .JPG

Orange Marmalade Cookies with a delicious orange zest icing. These easy orange cookies are soft and packed with fresh fruit flavor from the juice and zest. Little specks of orange zest can be seen throughout the whole cookie and icing making them irresistible!

Coconut orange tea cake

coconut orange cake large.jpg

One the simplest yet most delicious cakes I have ever baked - I never knew coconut and orange were so good together!

Chocolate orange ganache tart

ganache tart large.jpg

Velvety, citrus ganache over a crisp, delicious crust - delicious!

Vegan Citrus Granola Parfait


Lemon, lime and orange juice-infused granola served with dairy-free vanilla yogurt

Orange Curd Cupcakes

Orange Curd Cupcake 3.jpg

It is no surprise that these Orange Curd Cupcakes turned out perfectly fresh tasting with a hint of orange flavor in every bite.

Orange-Meringue coffee cake


Orange flavor coffee cake filled with cinnamon meringue, nuts and dark chocolate. My entry for Daring Bakers Challenge March 2011.

Orange Spice Oatmeal Cookies

orange spice oatmeal cookie green plate.jpg

A delicious oatmeal spice cookie is kicked up another notch. Candied orange rind gives you an unexpectedly awesome cool citrus burst.