Blueberry Hand Pies


In honor of Pi(π) Day, enjoy these perfectly portioned Blueberry Hand Pies!

Quiche Florentine

quiche sq.jpg

A homemade crust, spinach, and gruyere make this light and easy dish perfect for any meal. And also, in the spirit of nutrition, it's only 220 calories a serving!

Fish & Potato Pie


A quick and delicious one-dish meal for busy days. Fish and garden veggies mixed with mashed potatoes, and smothered under a cheesy top.

Blueberry Pie with Crumble Topping

Blueberry Pie_0.jpg

Delicious blueberry pie with a pastry crust and crispy crumble topping.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry S'mores Pie

Smores pie marshies.jpg

A fudgy, chocolatey, raspberry, marshmallowy, piey concoction that will not only photograph beautifully, but will taste awesome and drive your friends wild with desire.

This pie needs no campfire, but it will have you dreaming of summertime nights, family trips and your first firefly sighting of the year.

Sawdust Pie

sawdust pie 009.JPG

Sawdust Pie. An old favorite that reminds me of our yearly trips to Kentucky Lake. Is it time to go yet? Huh, Mom? Can we go to Kentucky today?

Apple Pie in Puffed Pastry


Super easy individual apple pies with puffed pastry served in mini cocottes.

Lemon meringue pie


Lemon meringue pie, Tarte au citron meringuée (recipe in French)

Summer nectarine & vanilla pie

nectarine pie large.jpg

An easy to make pastry encloses tender, delicious nectarines perfumed with real vanilla.

Double Crust Chicken Pot Pie


A double crust chicken pot pie baked until golden brown.

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