Yellow onion dinner rolls


Yellow onion dinner rolls, perfect with soup!

Garlic knots


Soft homemade savory garlic knots.

Herb and Garlic Rolls

herb and garlic rolls.jpg

Slathered with a little butter, these savory herb and garlic flavored rolls make a fantastic treat at your dinner table.

Olive Oil Bread


I finally found an olive oil bread recipe that really tastes like olive oil. It is now my new favorite soup companion!

Nutella Rolls


Sweet homemade Nutella rolls baked in honor of World Nutella Day.

Chocolatey Peanut Sweet Rolls


Soft chocolatey bread with the crunch of peanuts - topped with chocolate and peanuts!

Girelle alla ricotta


Soft and fluffy egg-less ricotta cheese brioche - delicious!

Garlic Buns


Beautiful. Fresh. Warm. Garlic buns.  "No store-bought garlic bread can match these homemade garlic buns... I could have eaten half of them in one sitting."

Cottage Cheese Crescents


"The cottage cheese gives these crescents an interesting texture and the dry herbs on top make them full of flavor. They go perfect with a bowl of warm soup." What a wonderful hearty winter roll - yum!

Pani Popo (Sweet Hawaiian Rolls)

Pani Popo (Sweet Hawaiian Rolls)

"Soft and sweet home made Hawaiian rolls bathed in coconut milk."

This is one of those times where I feel compelled to say - nice buns! ;)

Recipe: Pani Popo