Ginger Cookies with Spelt & Rye Flour

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I am totally in love with these spicy whole grain cookies and was shocked when the rest of family liked them too.

New York City Deli Rye Bread

New York City Deli Rye Bread

"My addiction could be much worse. I’m really not too worried. Bread, especially those made with a portion of non-white flour, is inherently healthy. Rye bread worthy of a New York City deli sponged on your own counter, formed with your own two hands, baked in your own oven? Well that’s just satisfying."

And fantastically yummy!

Recipe: New York City Deli Rye Bread

Rye & Spelt Walnut Bread

Rye & Spelt Walnut Bread

What a pleasure it was to receive this delicious submission from the stylish German baking blog minimalista. I'm smitten with her toothsome healthy rustic rye and spelt bread:

"Oh, we Germans are so into all kinds of bread... We (I) love dark breads with rustic crust that taste strong and make you use your teeth... This particular one here is more the cheese and butter kind of bread. It contains two types of flour and olive oil and walnuts. A rustic type of bread, great with a cheese platter."

Recipe: Walnut Bread