Molasses Spice Bars

molasses 1.JPG

A simple, yet fabulous, go-to recipe adapted from The Silver Palate

cinnamon spiced pecans


And really, it couldn't be easier. You whisk together a bit of egg white that acts as a binder for the aromatic goodness to come. Then you add a bit of soft brown sugar for sweetness and a potpourri of spices and toss the pecans in. Turning them about ever so gently, the goo will pull between the pecans like cinnamon cobwebs and off it goes into the oven where it will permeate your entire house with a fragrance that makes you wish St. Nick was just around the corner.

Beer & Bacon Pork Pie

pork pie three 2.jpg

Roast pork and bacon, soaked in lager, caramelized red onions, melted sharp cheddar on top, seasoned with nutmeg, sage, allspice, parsley and Worcestershire sauce. One of the last hearty pies before winter's end.

Lemon molasses marble cake

lemon molasses marble cake large.jpg

A nice twist on the good old marble cake - instead of vanilla and chocolate, lemon and molasses take the stage!

Blueberry Speculoos Streusel Cheesecake


Vegan cheesecake with spice cookie crust. Made without cream cheese.

President Clinton’s oatmeal cookies

bill clinton's cookies large.jpg

The best oatmeal cookies I've ever had - Mr. Clinton knows about cookies! :)

Ginger Cookies with Spelt & Rye Flour

spelt rye ginger cookies banner_0.JPG

I am totally in love with these spicy whole grain cookies and was shocked when the rest of family liked them too.

Plum sorbet sandwiches with molasses cookies

plum sorbet sandwiches large.jpg

Delicious, spicy cookies and fresh plum sorbet beautifully combined.

Applesauce Breakfast Bread


An alternative to pancakes and waffles for breakfast - quick and easy to make too!

Sweet Potato and Nut Butter "Brownies"


Spice-kissed sweet potato and nut butter brownies made using local, natural sweeteners.