Strawberry Kiss Cake

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"I used to marvel at them, the shiny plastic-covered rows of tilled soil awaiting a fresh planting. You could hardly miss them as your car jetted south on the 5 or 405. If you fixed your gaze a certain way, the passing symmetrical rows would appear as though they were in motion while you were seemingly stationary, suspended in time..."

Toy Story Birthday Cake

Toy Story Cake.jpg

Tiered yellow cakes filled with chocolate mousse, frosted in buttercream and topped with figurines.

Dalek Sugar Cookies

Dalek Sugar Cookies

When I was growing up as a little boy, one of my favorite shows on TV was Dr. Who. While my sister found it too scary to watch, I was totally captivated by the other-worldly adventures of The Doctor. To this day, I still vividly remember the panic-inducing call of the evil Daleks, as they pursued my time-travelling hero: "Ex-ter-minate! Ex-ter-minate!" At long last the tables have turned, and these awesome cookies are the ones who best flee the wrath of my chomping teeth. Muah-ha-haaa!

Story: Halloween Daleks!!!

Traditional Spanish Rosquilletas

Traditional Spanish Rosquilletas

Adriana shares her thoughts on turning 25, and a traditional Spanish sesame cookie she grew up with. "They're crunchy and tasty, perfect for dipping in coffee, even though they're not sweet." Made with olive oil, anise, and love - they're reminiscent of the little bread cookies you'll find all around the Mediterranean - muy delicioso!

Story and Recipe: Growing up, 'rosquilletas' and birthday cake

!Feliz cumpleaños Adriana!"

Grandma's Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel

This classic German dessert of "sweet apples encased in a thin, flaky dough" is all the sweeter because Erica and her grandmother made it together. Although the recipe stays in their family, her apple strudel is truly "a thing of beauty." Delicious fall inspiration for the rest of us!

Story: Grandma's Cooking School: Apple Strudel

Sweet Italian Easter Bread

Sweet Italian Easter Bread

Look out hot cross buns. Look out babka. Buon giorno gubana! The Italians have their own sweet Easter bread filled with chocolate, raisins, nuts and booze. Karen shares a bit of history and shows us how to make this beautiful festive bread.

Recipe + Story: Gubana: Sweet Italian Easter Bread